Erin Dimond Biography

About me:

  • ISSA Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Certified
  • Co/owner of Dimond Fitness
  • National Level Figure Competitor
  • Spinning Instructor
  • Rescue Pitbull Mom

My Fitness Journey:

I attended The Ohio State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Information Management and Systems. While attending Ohio State I began my own personal fitness journey. This was long before fitness became the trend that it is today. I started by deciding to run a half marathon. I fell in love with the discipline of waking up at 6 AM every morning and thrived off of the accomplishment of finishing the race. Up until that point I had never ran more than 3 miles in my life. After the half marathon I started basic weight training and incorporating group classes like TRX and Spinning. I also started doing a lot of research about nutrition. After about 6 months of this I saw changes to my body that I never knew were possible. I started to fall in love with the results and realize the importance of lifting and eating properly. In 2010 I became a group fitness instructor and started teaching a kickboxing and a spinning classes. From there, I made the transition from doing mainly cardio in the gym to incorporating more weight training. After lifting for about 15 months I decided to take my fitness goals to a new level and compete in my first figure competition. My first competition was the Natural Buckeye Classic in Columbus, OH. I went through a 16 week preparation for the competition and it was one of the most challenging things (physically and mentally) that I have ever done. I originally thought that competing in a figure competition would just be a “bucket list” thing for me but when they called my name to the center spot in prejudging I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I had the biggest adrenaline rush of my life and I knew right then that this would become a much bigger part of my life. We went back for finals that night and the excitement continued when they announced me as 1st place in my class and then again as the OVERALL novice champion. I won the whole thing! I have competed in 7 competitions since over the last 4 years. 

“From passion to career”

As I mentioned previously, I graduated from The Ohio State University. Upon graduation, I started a career working for an electronic medical record vendor. It was a very stimulating job where I learned a lot about business and building relationships with people but after finding my passion for fitness I realized that I wanted to change directions.  I left work every day at 5 PM so excited because I knew I was headed to job number two ( teaching group fitness classes and eventually personal training.) I wanted to wake up and start every day with that passion and excitement rather than wait until 5 PM.  In 2011 My business partner and I took advantage of an opportunity to start a small personal training studio. It was 1000 square feet and we filled it with whatever deals we could find on craigslist. Starting out it was just a leg press, calf raise, half rack, plates and dumbbells. 

I brought over a group of ladies that I had been instructing in a park and that was the beginning of my clientele. From there word of mouth allowed me to gain more and more clients. During this time Mike was becoming somewhat of an equipment guru and was always hunting for the best deals to continue growing our gym. During this time just about everything that we we’re making was going back into our business. About a year later our 1000 square foot studio had transformed to this.

Throughout 2012 and 2013 I worked 8-5 at my full time job and then trained every evening, some mornings (5-6 AM) and on the weekends. I also worked a 3rd part time job on weekend nights as a promotional model for liquor brands to continue funding our dream and saving. At the start of 2013 the stars aligned and all of our hard work and savings had paid off when we got the opportunity to bid on the Cleveland Browns equipment. We gave them a cash offer and took care of all of the logistics of moving the equipment AND THEY ACCEPTED IT.  We hired professional gym movers, upgraded to a larger storage warehouse and moved everything back to Columbus.

A few months after that I decided it was time to take the leap from my full time job. The worst that I could do was fail miserably and come crawling back right? So I put in my two weeks’ notice and went home and threw up because I was so nervous. I left my job and had plenty to keep me busy. At this time I was offering online training to clients from all over the world, training every morning and every evening and working on a game plan to expand our gym.  In August 2013 we decided to do something with all of the equipment that we had in storage. We took a leap of faith and started the process by contacting a commercial realtor. A week later we looked at 3 buildings and threw together a business plan. 


Our Choice

During this time of leaving my job, expanding my online training business, and looking for a new location for Dimond Fitness I was in prep for my 6th figure competition. I had no excuse but to stay focused during that prep because I had no time to think about anything else. If I had a spare hour it was spent lifting or doing my cardio. I prepped 30 meals every Sunday to get me through to the next time that I could have time to cook and I was just on auto pilot. No question of messing up my diet or doing anything other than making progress. 



A lot happened over the next couple months (we moved quickly-that’s another story for another day) but we opened the doors to a Dimond Fitness that looked something like the bottom photo in September of 2013.



Although I will always have a passion for training in the gym there are only so many hours in the day and I can only help so many people physically so the majority of my training is done through Online Training Learn More. This allows me to help people from all over the world. I have helped over 2500 people worldwide reach their goals. Check out my Testimonials page to see some of the inspiring transformations.